Some of our recommended Bots to start your new server with

Dyno A multi-purpose bot with music, moderation, logs, web dashboard, and more. invite
Statistics Bot An advance server statistic tracking bot for your server. invite
PorkBot A Minecraft-focused Discord bot. invite
FredBoat♪♪ Music variant of FredBoat invite
Ayana Ayana fast, flexible, simple. Multipurpose bot, music, moderation, fun. invite
Rythm Ever wanted a bot specially made for music? A fully functional, stable music bot? Rythm does it all invite
Bump ! A Modern, Multifunctional Advertising Bot with many other uses invite
Mee6 A multi-purpose bot that'll make your discord server a better place! Website
MatBot 2-player TicTacToe? Trivia minigame? Typeracer? Youtube searching? Matbot does it all invite
NoCopyrightSounds A Bot designed to display NCS music and play NCS songs in a voice channel invite
ErisBot Erisbot is a small yet actively developed bot. He has many features which are very easy to use! invite
PikaGirl A multipurpose bot with original features. invite
Snail Racing Brings the fun single player and multi player snail racing game to your server! invite
Tatsumaki A bot providing social aspects including member profiles, levels, fun stuff & simple moderation. invite
CSGO-STATS.NET Check the Counter-Strike: Global-Offensive statistics of any user! invite
SteamBot A bot for searching for games, users and items on Steam invite
TypicalBot TypicalBot is an easy-to-use bot with commands that can be used for moderation, fun, and music! invite
Discord Dungeons A Discord RPG Bot. invite
If you're a developer and want your Bot listed here, feel free to request & ask G0dPvP#1570 on our server (here)


We support Streamers from all platforms from Mixer, Twitch and YouTube etc., followers viewers, friends, gamers and just people who like to socialize and meet new people. you don't have to be a gamer or streamer to join If you are a active streamer and would like to be a #��vip-streamers��, To have a notification for when you go live, Please #��introduce-yourself�� with channel link, schedule, about yourself and a small introduction on what your channel is about. I will DM...
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YTB is a small community discord willing to grow. It is a gaming community playing together, meeting new people, we also help smaller YouTubers and Twitch streamers grow.
With an events channel, multiple music bots if you dont like sharing, a self advertisement page, for anything, a chilling channel, game channels, off-topic channels, and a nsfw chat
Member Count: 30+
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Chillax and have fun on XenoGames!
► Giveaways and competitions regularly ( WIN FREE GAMES AND MONEY)
► Gaming and more ► Friendly staff and members!
► Music ► A variety of channels
GAMES WE FOCUS ON ➮Rainbow six siege ➮PUBG ➮Fortnite ➮Overwatch
People that don't play these games are still welcome!
Member Count: 90+
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General chat, beauty, life, traveling, etc
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Gamers Revolution Network

Too long have gamers hopped around from community to community, clan to clan looking for a real and legit place to spend our free time gaming; whether we play for fun, competition or for sponsorships: Gamers Revolution is the place to be. We founded this community on the principle of focusing on the members who make up its core, and never losing sight of this. Member Count: 10+
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