Name: BetaSeries

Description: Join a large community of TV addicts and discuss about your favorite shows and movies in a casual atmosphere. Spoiler alert: joining this server will automatically extend your list of shows to watch! 📺 Speak about your favorite TV Shows and animes. 🎬 Exchange about the last movies you saw. 👁️ Watch TV events live together. 🎧 Listen to music in a nice atmosphere. 🔊 Talk to people about TV, movies, animes. 🏆 Play with our quiz bots and try to be number one. ❓ Guess the TV show or movie based on screenshots. 🎼 Take part to our monthly TV and movie blindtest. Give it a try and join us, there is a lot more to discover!

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Category: Community

Owner: joffrey#8844

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PLOT. The only general community server you will ever need.
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Whether you are a shooter, crafter or strategist, this is the server where you can meet players, build teams and use our dedicated channels to supply your gaming needs�� Not much of a gamer? I’m sure our art, meme and general chit chat channels may be in your interest! VIP available⭐️ Music available��
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Paperless Network

Welcome to Paperless' Discord Server. Use this server to seek one of our servers that may be of your interest or even share your own! Thank you for checking in and have a nice day!
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Weeb Battlegrounds

Enjoy Anime & Debating? Well come join our server where we debate our favorite anime characters in VS matches!
�� Have your voice heard in engaging and exciting debates.
�� Fun tournaments + Competitions.
�� Build your reputation by levelling up and gaining roles.
�� Helpful staff will moderate the debates.
We all hope to you see there (and yes, non - weebs are welcomed too)!
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