Name: Hyverse

Description: +========================================+ Hello everyone, my name is MisterSkyi. I would like you to come join me on a great factions server. There are over 2100+ discord members! the Ftop is $1500. I won't talk to just rather give you the information so you can become one of us! I won't explain too much as I will let you find out all the good details this server can offer. I must say I have been here for about a month and it is extremely well built! :crossed_swords:️ :cloud:️ Hyverse $1500 FTOP Prize. :cloud:️ :crossed_swords:️ +========================================+ Server Info: ️ Custom Factions server :white_check_mark: Custom Soul Top Plugin :white_check_mark: New Custom Enchants :white_check_mark: Active Amazing Staff :white_check_mark: Big Active Competitive factions :white_check_mark: Balanced Economy :white_check_mark: Often giveaways :white_check_mark: Note: Most of the features have probably have been missed as there are so many. VIDEO INFORMATION Be sure to upload our trailer for 2 Thunder Keys, use the format below! Post your trailers in #trailer-uploads with your username beside them. Trailer Download: Video Title: HYVERSE Map 4 | $1500 FTOP | Weekly Payouts | March 3rd ​ VIDEO DESCRIPTION +========================================+ Releases Saturday, March 3rd @ 3PM EST (12 PM PST) IP: Store: Discord: +========================================+ Get 2 free Thunder Keys if you re-upload the trailer! (Top Key) Download Link: +========================================+ Let me sincerely thank you for reading this, I hope you join, please enjoy your stay. Cheers +========================================+

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