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Note: Only servers that are submitted on our website are listed here. Feel free to submit yours.
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Camp Half Blood And Others Have you ever wanted to live the life of a demigod? Does your idea of a perfect summer involve riding pegasi, dueling with magical weaponry and embarking on dangerous quests? Well this... Community
Turtle Friends A server for anyone who likes gaming and music! Come make new friends to play and talk with :) hope you have a lovely time! P.S. add EmmaFromNorway#1967 if you want further... Gaming
Lineage 2 Scarlet Lineage 2 Scarlet Freya 15x. Welcome Adventurer Experience an immersive and dramatic fantasy world known for its unique political and economic systems. Voting every day is a great way... Gaming
Gamers ITA Community italiana multigaming dove puoi trovare giocatori o giocatrici con cui giocare,parlare e divertirti! Community
camgirl r3hab Camgirls, Di*kgirls, and NEETS indulging in flirtatious friendships, barrels of banter, degenerate drama, maximum trooling and autistic savant hard chat meming. Strictly high TEST... Community
The Language Zone™ An educational community where everyone from any culture/race/beliefs is welcome. Hangout with people from different culture. Learn, Practice & Master new or your desired language... Education
Mental Health I have a mental health support server of almost 200 people and growing! So far it features the following~ -Many bots including Rhythm, Dyno, Mee6, Tatsumaki, Yag, and some advertising... Community
LGBT+ Gender Support Welcome to Gender Agenda! We are an LGBTQ support server, with a main focus on gender~ Transgender, Bigender, Androgynous ect. I created this server because there are not enough LGBT servers... Community
MKWiimmfi Official The main server exclusively for players of Mario Kart Wii on Wiimmfi, a community-ran replacement matchmaking service for the deceased Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Community
Pokemon Deluge Welcome to Pokemon Deluge! This is one of the most rated Pokemon Rpgs you will find! Gaming
Wendy's Server This is my server. We don't care what you say, just don't go too far. We are VERY VERY small please help us grow. Thank you for reading this. PLEASE JOIN Community
The Chatting Den In this server, you can chat about anything, meet new people, discuss gaming, music, and more. We are a very chill group which accepts new people! We are trying to build our community... Community
Café Sona Café Sona is a brand new server where you can chill, chat with friends, listen to music, play games, level up on more! We are very new so stay tuned! You can help by sharing the link... Community
Neets Incorporated A chill, aesthetic themed server, focused mostly around anime and gaming. We are a growing community with a bit more of a serious atmosphere, all are welcomed! Community
Canadian Discord: Friendship Edition A laid-back server for chatting, gaming, anime, shitposting, music and much more. We have a ton of emojis & gifs for our Nitro users too. Community
Super Heroes Clan hey join my server about a game called Critical ops and our clan also. DONT play the game? Np u can still join and talk to others, listen to music, flip mekos, .... join now!!! Hey join... Clan
Comile Come meet new people and invite people you know! We will be having karaoke nights movie nights and more! Community
Panda Universe Heyyoo we are a friendly community that loves pandas if you ever looked for a place to talk to or just have fun . . then join us! Community
Fortnite global This is a server for finding fortnite mates from all over the world, we wish that we can build up a large enough community so you can always get a mate. Join now and get part of this... Community
Dank Region League We are the danks, we bring out gud memes and gud peoplz to play wit. We also like anime grills, and other nice things that the world brings us. Come forth and experience the danks... Community
The Capital The Capital is a role-play server ran by people known as "The Gods." We're a decently inactive server but we need YOUR help to revive it! Come join us for a fun experience I hope... Community
BitPvP Hello everyone, We optimize our gameplay to the full extent and keep our players in mind. We prefer performance and experience over players, and purchase the highest possible hardware... Other
HABBO online hey everyone, if anyone here plays the online game called HABBO well I've created an HABBO online discord!!!! Feel free to join so you can play with others in-game, talk about your... Community
Alts Roblox Alts, 2010-2017! Join now to get your alts, some do cost money (Mostly the older ones) But MOST ARE FREE!!!! Free alts, you don't even have to create them yourself. Hello! Welcome to... Other
Kyawawa! Kyawawa! is an anime based server for everyone to gather and have fun with each other! You will become part of our family as soon as you join the server, we will be waiting for you! ♡. Anime
Games Paradise We play games. Of course, we host many other experiences, such as a fun leveling system. Gaming
Legends of Elysium We are a brand new server that is looking to grow and create an amazing community. We currently have an economy, leveling system, music, fun bot commands, and helpful staff. Join Now!!... Community
That Gosh Darn Hippie Show This is a chatroom for people who are fans of That Gosh Darn Hippie Show, classic rock, comedy, or music of any kind! If you want to meet other music fans, join us for movie and game nights... Music
Resentful_Souls A chill server comprised of emo's, anime lovers, gamers, and others that would like to make some interesting friends, Cool ideas and knowledge can be shared with one another and theres... Community
The Basement The Basement is a growing community where you can talk about anything! Anime, Gaming, Giveaways, and more! Come join the Basement today! Community
Kermit Klan a gaming/chill server filled with immature but enjoyable kids. join at your own risk. Gaming
BAPE Community All content community! Community
GamingCentral A growing community centered around gaming and recreation, play with people you have never met, make new friends, or just chill. The server is designed to be a safe Friendly place... Gaming
The World Of Patchouli Welcome to The World Of Patchouli. A Tabletop/anime based server. You may role-play and do tons of stuff. Self promote content you created, post music, if you're a Game master or dungeon... Roleplay
Hope is here Make yourself at home, this is a safe haven for those who have been depressed, hurt, neglected, and misused. This server is for people to connect, make friends, and lifelong connections... Community
InterwebinKeskus Finnish server made for fun Community
Gamer Chat Make new friends -Play and talk about games -Have fun Gaming
Intro4K Gaming Community An active Gaming/Anime Community that has nice staff and people bots are the most Important to keep this server running. Community
CaliforniaDreaming a warm and family friendly server that is growing and constantly changing! you can enjoy music , game with friends and meet new people and have a fun and amazing time. come meet people... Community
Café 0131+ Welcome to Café 0131+! Here, intelligent minds from all over Discord gather for discussion about topics such as politics, modern day crises, and current events, as well as participating... Community
The Spot We are a new server, looking to grow, we talk general talk from gaming to pc/computers to news to sports. Feel free to check us out and bring your friends! Community
kpop+ The kpop and karaoke server in all discord with discord nitro gifts. Community
The Arcanaeum A literary discussion server where members can further explore the concepts of their favorite stories! We also have a section dedicated to writers, from creative to fan fiction, a monthly... Community
Ignited Gaming A community with absolutely anything and everything. Meet new friends with similar interests and knock yourself out! Aye! Community
The Grand Cafe Enjoy the ultimate cafe experience! Have fun with wonderful people, and be accepted into a safe and active community. :) Community
Pepsi Emoji Hub This server provides Nitro users with a wide variety of Pepsi-themed emojis, alongside a hub to discuss or question them and the ability to listen to the Pepsiman soundtrack on loop forever... Nitro
ArcTrooperProvingGrounds Hello! This is a invite link to an average Discord server, just on Kamino. prove yourself worth of the ARC Trooper rank! This server is primarily a gaming and Star Wars server BUT memes and... Gaming
Hyverse Hello everyone, my name is MisterSkyi. I would like you to come join me on a great factions server. There are over 2100+ discord members! the Ftop is $1500... Gaming
The Gamers Guild This is my server meant to share my interests with other people and unite gamers. I’d hope it be this big platform of gamers, streamers, helpers, etc It's a... Community
Panda's Empire Panda's empire is a place for good times with good people. We have a dedicated staff and lots of heart. We take user feedback very seriously and strive to fit... Roleplay
Gaming Gamers Join the Gaming Gamers today. The Gaming Gamers is a family friendly youtuber fan server! At the Gaming Gamers you can talk about all your favorite games, share... Gaming
Pluralistic Society Hey we are a chill small community (for now) we like to discuss everything and anything and have a chill and wonderful time, many channels to post in, meet new... Community
Uncanny Servers We at Uncanny Servers, provide our users with premium quality made servers and services. Community
Temple of the Morning Star The Temple of the Morning Star is dedicated to practitioners of the occult and the Left-Hand Path—Vāmācāra—philosophy. It teaches metaphysics, magick... Community
The Den When you join and a Moderator notices you, you get 30 seconds to make and impression, may luck be with you. Other
Drop Discord Chill This server will bring you: - A great community! - Fun Games and Bots! - 18+ NSFW Channel and Bot! - Giveaways and Much More! Community
dragonfire - community server Looking for a fun community? Then i might have something for you: Roles: Vip (Soon to be added) Support (soon to be added) Artist Twitch (low requirements)... Community
TheRiceFields A chill place for anyone to come, you can learn more on coding languages, we have several bots some of which include our own private bot, music bots, and moderation bots... Community
The Game Center Just a small family friendly server. More info in the discord. Gaming
BlazeChan's Cum Rag An 18+ community for sharing porn and hentai and related stuff. NSFW/Adult
DonDoDis Discord A server that needs staff + daily giveaways, bots for you to enjoy, fun games and we need members + happy valentines! Community
形而上術哲学団 The Metaphilosophy club is dedicated to the weird, the strange, the interesting, and the fun. We seek out exciting events and cool mysteries, and take on challenging... Community
Cosmic Communications general chat for talking about cryptocurrency (speculation, portfolio sharing, etc.) / gaming (pc + console discussion, group gaming, etc.) / music (electronic, rock... Community
SabaMC A small minecraft server that just recently started up production, We are looking for staff and members - If you have any questions ask the owner of the server... Gaming
Orange County Roleplay Orange County Roleplay We are a Fivem/GTA5 RP server that is currently in development but we are advertising so members can get in as early as they can. PERKS... Community
Snowland Snowland is a server with many general channels like anime, games, comics, movies-tv, ect. We also host events such as anime, movie, game nights, ect. Community
Grim Knight Random things Server Welcome to the Grim Knight Server. This server originally was created to develop the story Grim Knight. The Grim Knight server was also develop other... Community
Fiore Gaming Community A friendly community that provides a area for talk with a open environment that follows discords TOS to ensure forever compliance with the official discord... Community
Jesus Calls Only For Christians Religious
Social Media Portal™ Promote your Youtube Channel, Videos, Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Twitch and many other Social Media. Make new friends, Meet People from all over the world. Community
Kitten Play DDLG, DDLB, MDLB, MDLG, CGL, BDSM, Pet-play, and all related people welcome! 18+ NSFW and SFW channels. Community
GamersHub™ - Gaming & More! Welcome To GamersHub™ A growing Social/Gaming/Anime/Kpop Community. We have competitions,fun events and a lot more! Over 200+ members... Gaming
The End Begins Its been 4 years since the outbreak, it had all started because a comany had started doing drug trials for a miracle drug. For a few months the drug seemed... Roleplay
Thunder A community based around the game "Roblox" but all kind of games are welcome. We will also do a giveaway once we hit 150 members. Community
Midnight Falls This chat is mainly a hangout and chill server. We host awesome events, you can even host your own events. And everyone is invited. You may even give... Community
Transgender Safe Space I created this server, because if anyone has discord and is either male to female, or female to male, I made separate roles for this, PM me in discord for your... Other
~Horizon~ Welcome to Horizon~ We are a roleplay based server but you do not have to roleplay to join! We love to make friends and hang out! The community is starting... Roleplay
La Famiglia La Famiglia (italian for The Family), is a server based around not just a community, but a family! Join us for memes, NSFW Content, Movie nights... Community
Chillcamp™️ Chill Camp is a brand new Discord server with over 150 members where you can game & chill! We offer a lot of things to do including: **Listening to music... Community
Brilniton's Academy of the Gifted Looking for a place to learn magic? Wanting to develop your innate abilities to surpass your friends? Maybe you just want to make some friends? Whatever... Roleplay
Art Mountain This is an art school roleplaying server!It is a new server and is greatly in need of members! Roleplay
Super Galaxy Family From anime and gaming to philosophy and aliens. We have a huge number of categories! Music, collectibles and clubs. ☆Join the galaxy family!☆. Anime
DDLG A server for caregivers, littles, pets, and owners alike to learn and explore CG/l and petplay along with just having fun! ~ special caregiver and little... Community
degenerate trash Complete, absolute, unfiltered autism, edginess and degeneracy at it's absolute finest. Oh, and we have NSFW. Not convinced yet? You're not human. Community
Looking For Partners Are you a Discord owner who needs partners? Hop in! Community
Rainbow Six Seige Fan Server This is a smaller server for those who like the game r6 currently in the making and would be really appreciated if you... Gaming
Gaming Server HotSpot This is a server for you to join/promote clans as well as get to know the community. this is for all platforms so get... Community
Ryan's Discord Server Looking to chat with fellow gamers, then join Ryan's Discord Server, we are a small server looking for new members. Community
Zytekaron's Bots A server for bots made by 3 developers (including myself), currently hosting TicketX. Bot
LLA Community where autistic fucks (like me), can band together and do their own thing without getting bashed for it! just released... Community
Cacti Chat If you like sharing art and writing or roleplaying with others then you're in luck! Cacti Chat is here for fun sharing... Other
THE PEGASUS This is THE PEGASUS... One of my Luxurious Servers Here are some things my server has to offer : MUSIC GIVEAWAYS ALL... Gaming
Danganronpa: Cryptic Welcome to my server! This is a roleplaying and fan server based on the series ‘Danganronpa' by Spike Chunsoft. Please... Roleplay
NukeBurner Server Heyo, I’m NukeBurner, the owner. We are a small server, but we have many fun things to enjoy, including server... Community
Transformers: Galactic Conquest The stars, where the cybertronians had eventually scattered to after the decimation of their planet. The only place... Roleplay
GuitarZone GuitarZone is an awesome, vibrant community for guitar and music-related discussion. Feel free to join us! :) Music
Mushroom Universe A mario fan community server! This server has: Leveled roles Friendly staff mod applications are also being made 5 super cool... Community
Generation of Gamers Generation of Gamers - This server is based on community. So there's plenty of room to discuss anime, games, and anything here with us! So everyone is welcome here... Community
The Naughty Tree Welcoming all Youtubers/streamers that wants more views/or collab, Artist that wanna get known by sharing their artworks, Gamers... Youtube/Steam
Spoonie Server A server that caters to all with chronic or invisible illnesses or a place for people to have supprt. Community
VeggieB's Group Do you play Geometry Dash? If so, join VeggieB's Group! This server features 45+ known players/creators, a wide variety of roles... Gaming
The Pokémon Gym The pokémon gym is a social hang out space for anybody to come hang out in (You dont have to like Pokémon) We have a collection... Gaming
CryptoCurrency Cartel Crypto Cartel is easily one of theTop 5 CryptoCurrency servers for anyone interested in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, any Altcoin... Technology
Hawaiian Airlines An airlines to for in GEO-FS online flight simulators. if you dont like us then just try out our partners. Community
Gender can be more!! For any one from Trans to Gender fluid if you need some one talk to or just want some one to relate to come and talk with other... Community
Pitstop Realm A server for people who like anime, history, music, documentaries, or vintage items. Other
Undisney NSFW ERP Immersive Experience Heroes/ Villains Will be adding music and memes Intro: This is not the Disney you grew up with... Roleplay
Lethal Unicorns We are currently a small server with friendly members. Some of the things we have in our server are as follows: ✨ Music Channels... Community
the rogue lite server come chat about different rogue lites or discover new ones. Gaming
Sharks Community Sharks Community Voice channels for everyone to hang out. More coming soon. Amazing Staff and looking for more Moderation team... Community
Emote List A server to direct you to other servers with GameWisp global emotes, Mixer global emotes, and Discord Nitro emotes. Emoji
Kryptified Welcome to Kryptified, just chill and listen to music or chat with other people, or do whatever. They wanted to give us a warm welcome... Community
multi-games This is my server its for gamers and anyone that wants somewhere to chat it has some graet staff already and we would love to see... Gaming
Experiment Lab E X P E R I M E N T L A B Amazing server with a LOT of awesome roles and channels for you to enjoy! - Dating help : Pick up lines... Community
Sketch Suite! A server to share YOUR art, drawings, music. And talk to other artists like you. We're a new, growing server, be sure to share... Art
My Palace This is a slowly growing discord server for artists, youtubers, and twitch streamers. So, I hope you have a great time on it! Community
Auxed Music, memes, and technology focused discord. We just started out so we're looking for new members to join our community. Community
Prowling Videogame Congregation PVC- a video game community originating from 4chan and 8chan thats developed from the boards of: /V/m, /soc/, and /vg/... Community
Soundclowns I saw that there wasn't very many places to discuss soundclowns in real time. So, here's a way you can do that. You can... Meme
Hangout Server A server for hanging out, chatting, playing games, and having a good time in general. We have a terrific community and a solid... Community
Forte Gaming Forte Gaming is a bunch of wild individuals that create a family like atmosphere. You got that one uncle type of... Gaming
United States of Discord POLITICS?! WHAAA!!! YOU SHOULD JOIN!!! - Politics - Active Gud Community - Debates, Late Nite Talks (LNT) - Daily topics... Political
Donkey Gaming Community Currently with 4000+ members and daily growth, this server has an active management team and is great for finding... Community
Rubybot Testing Rubybot is a useful Discord bot that helps you perform basic moderator commands (such as bulk message clear), and a... Bot
Juke's Alternate history server! Our server is dedicated to political events that are happening and have happened in the past, we do big roleplays... Roleplay
Waffles Finding a Dota 2 community? Or looking for daily giveaways? Waffles has over 1,000 members with: - Daily auctions... Gaming
Gay Russia Chill memery and nightly League games. Community
LS Erudites LS ERUDITES is a enchanting, and alluring cluster, wherever any gender, age or temperament is accepted! Community
GalaxyCraft We are a minecraft discord for the MC server: Everyone is welcome! Gaming
MordecaiCommunity Gaming, memes, anime, programming, Roblox forum, and more! We are a friendly and active community... Community
Project Art Project Art is an active and social community to discuss art, get critique, join events and more! Join us now... Art
Unity of trades A place for whatever trades you would want to make on Discord. Our staff tries their hardest everyday to make sure... Other
Inspire Pro The first ever community growth business assisting in growing and managing servers. Invite
Affiliate Link Sharing Lounge Have you ever wanted to make money through affiliate programs but just didn't have the audience to do so? Have you ever... Community
Bump ! Mission Control™ Support Server for Bump !, the bot. Here you receive regular updates (that you can opt out of), participate in premium... Bot
Sufficient Unto the Day Small and niche collaborative writing roleplay community! Dedicated to Sufficient Unto the Day, a historical... Roleplay
Syorix Welcome to Syorix we are a small community server where u can chill and hangout, or even talk with other people... Community
.Space .Space is a normal server that you can chill at. Still a wip. Need admins. Community
Friendz helping Friendz (The Ghost Squad) The Ghost Squad is a server for LGBT teens/adults, bullied individuals, etc to come together and talk, play games, etc... Community
Infinity Art Art Everything about art! dollar A market channel. handshake Partnerships. shield Good moderation every day. camera... Community
Writing the Other Writing the Other is the place for writers whose works represent diversity. This is a safe space for all queer, POC, female... Art
Meme Central A very simple server with a very simple point. POST MEMES. Community
Chill City With chill moderation, fun mini-games, discussion of anything, an NSFW channel, over 4000 members, and much more... Community
Citadel Of Ricks C-1 Greetings everyone! This new server here is all about gaming and development in one if anyone is interested in meeting... Community
The First Triumvirate Looking for an alround gaming community or just a place to hang out and chill? Join The First Triumvirate... Community
Meme Help Are you like me? Do ever here/see a meme and don’t understand it? Do you maybe need help making dank memes... Meme
Germanic Languages Hub A chat room for all of East Germanic (you know, the dead ones), West Germanic, and North Germanic languages. Community
Thievius.Net The official Discord server for Thievius.Net, a Sly Cooper fan site! We've read our Thievius Raccoonus, have you? Community
vape naysh Vape Naysh is a server to meet friends and play games. We already have users that play games such as Dead by daylight, Overwatch, League of legends, and black squad and we would love to have other people join who play more different and fun games. Community
Honey Honey is a strictly 18+ general / dating server. Looking for mature people to chat with? Do you also like Anime & Gaming? Then join us! Dating
FutureCraft A community for all those that play our FutureCraft server, and we also have a Gaming Community Server linked as well! Gaming
Pokemon University Looking to learn the ropes of competitive pokemon? Whether it be VGC, Battlespot, or Smogon we can help you! Gaming
Hazard Control A competitive pokemon and hangout server. Gaming
Cuddle Cafe •We Are Cuddle Cafe• •We are Cuddle Caf a currently smaller server that enjoys talking to it's members and meeting friends that could Last a while, and maybe... Roleplay
Steven Universe Roleplay Europe Freshly-made Steven Universe roleplay and discussion server! Looking for members and roleplayers. Roleplay
Evolved Network Evolved Network focuses on mainly gaming, and EvolvedHostings which is our Hosting business! Community
Backstage Hey! Thanks for reading! Backstage is a small, friendly ever growing server. We've got loads of. Community
The Elite Team This is a community based server we have about 700+ members and we have events, giveaways and much more. Community
The Original Gamers Community Looking for staff! Trainees and mods and maybe some admins! Join now! Community
Cubexis A minecraft server featuring unique and original gamemodes. *This server is unreleased, but you can join now to become part of the development... Community
Magnificent Outlaws Brand new server looking for members to come fill our halls with chatter. There's something for everyone here, and it's always being added to! Come... Community
Multiplatform Gaming Multiplatform Gaming! A community for gamer's and those alike! We do a variety of games, platforms and creative talents. The goal is to have everyone... Community
Art Crazy A community of art makers and viewers who would love to meet some new people. Art
The Roblox Server a server dedicated to roblox!. Gaming
Coding Central G'day we're a starting server created by our general love for coding and technology Coding Central is all about programming but we like having... Technology
The PkMn Roleplay server Hoi! I glaceon and I show you, DA PKMN ROLEPLAY SEEERVEEEER11!1!1!1 Gijinkas, Pokemon,Hoomans, all allowed! as long as you could follow da... Roleplay
The Midnight Society The discord for SelestiallisSober n memes... Youtube/Steam
Single's R'us Where an adult can be an adult. We are the one stop shop for singles that are already mingling with over 500 members! Want a waifu? We got those. Have you... Community
The Circle of Fifths This is a music collaboration server. For musicians of all skill level. Music
The Fur Kingdom BRAND NEW SERVER, feel free to join and help us grow. We are a place from anyone from furries to bronies to regular people to come, chill, look at porn... NSFW/Adult
Beyond The Wall Game Of Thrones community with tons of character house roles to choose from as well as additional channels for other interests. We listen to our members... Community
Chill with poetry fireworks We are a fun community going threw a bit of a dry time in members always looking for more.. fireworks We rarely do any punishments unless you are A. Abusing... Community
Panda World A server full of cute adorable panda emojis that will melt your heart (and break it). Full credit goes to the Twitch streamer Admiral Bahroo for the... Emoji
Wosnifane Do you like to play games with random strangers? Then this is the server for you! Really, you should come play with us for a while. We play many... Gaming
PokeMeme Squad Hey there! Do you like pokemon and memes? Well then, you've come to the right place! Pokememe Squad is a community where it has: -Memes (Obviously XD) -Roleplay -Music... Community
AQ3D evergreen_treeHello,I created a group on discord app called aq3d where u can text/voice while playing the game,this is meant to bring the players... Community
Sniper Gang Welcome to Sniper Gang. Here you'll find laid back mods, fair rules, and an overall active, fun, and welcoming community. You can talk about anything... Community
Relaxing Zone NSFW Channel** (You need the role NSFW for Access) Music Channel** (If u will listen to music more times, You will get the Role "DJ") Good People... Community
PokéFans! Are you a huge Pokémon fan? Then come join PokéFans! Here, you'll find plenty of Pokémon-related topics, such as the games, anime, and even the... Community
World of Tanks Join the biggest World of Tanks server on Discord today! Friendly people, easy to find platoon mates, share your battle results and much more. Gaming
The Mountains Of Madness The Mountains Of Madness, a server for anyone looking to make friends and get to know each other. With regular events, friendly staff, and more! Here you... Community
Hangout Isle Hangout Isle is a social server held by 3 owners, it's brand new, and is active. The point of the server is to make new friends & socialize. We also have... Community
ABVC Uusi kasvava suomalainen palvelin, jossa voi löytää erilaisia pelikanavia, kuten PUBG, CS: GO, R6S ja monet muut pelit. Olemme ystävällinen palvelin. Tervetuloa! Gaming
The Crew The Crew is a growing server in which you can meet people from all around the world! we play a lot of bot games, such as trivia, we host events (meme contests... Community
NateWantsToBattle Clan This server is for NateWantsToBattle fans. Currently the most popular NateWantsToBattle Server on Discord. Lots of fun things to... Music
LGBTQ+ Lounge LGBTQ+ Lounge is a community that welcomes all, regardless of gender or sexuality, come to our server to enjoy yourself and make new friends and... Community
WoW We are a community who loves to play games and this discord has people in who play a lot of different games. I think the biggest games on the server at... Community
Genix's Lounge Genix's Lounge (LF STAFF!): ➤Discord Dungeons RPG ➤A crate system where you can win CUSTOM ROLES ➤Many fun events where you can earn keys to open the... Gaming
Political Talk A laidback political discord that skews to the left, but everyone is welcome as long as they can follow the rules. Join us for some quality conversation... Community
iCommunity The iCommunity Discord is for scambaiters and fans of scambaiters alike, without any of the drama currently present on other servers. If you enjoy any... Community
Pycrypt - Discord Bot We are a new community based off of Pycrypt the bot. We have tons of fun games, commands, events. You name it we probably have it and if we don't... Community
Shitpost Kingdom We're a really laid back server which has its moments of shitposting. It's an all around everything based server too, and everyone is welcome... Community
Meowingham Palace Everything cats! If you like cats, then this is the place for you. Show off your own cats, post cute cat pictures that you find on the internet, or... Community
Anime Daigaku Join us at Anime Daigaku we are dedicated to bringing anime fans from around the world together! We are a fast growing server and we would love for you... Anime
a lit community Ever wanted to chat with active discord users? Ever wanted to be able to post images? Well my server is the right place! Join now to use multiple bots... Community
RetroGaming A haven for all people that enjoy Retro Gaming, such as Atari, Dreamcast, and even the Sega 32x! Gaming
Kotatsu Café Friendly & Active Community Server >3< - From anime to gaming & tech, there's something for everyone here. Come on in and say Hello ~ ! Community
DragonArmy This discord is for everyone! We have different channels for all sorts of interests and our community is very friendly with helpful... Community
Anime/Gaming Central Anime/Gaming Central At Anime/Gaming Central Our Goal Is To Create A Community Where Anime, Gaming, And Even Music Lovers Can Come And Enjoy... Community
Weebaholics Anonymous We aim to be a fun and friendly community with a general interest in anime, games, and everything inbetween! Anime
The Diamond Lounge The Diamond Lounge is a big community, with 130+ people and growing! Based off of Gemstones,Games such as Bloons,Roblox,SFD,Bit Heroes, and... Community
Dark Army HQ What the server is for: •My Youtube Channel •My Discord Bot •My Company called Cronan's Custom Bots What to expect: •Spam •Dead Chat •AND SO MUCH MORE!!! Why... Bot
Tales of Elernaia A role-playing discord server set in a fantasy school where students come to master the use of Familiars and other magical abilities. Roleplay
The Tacos Cafe The Taco's Café is a safe place for all who endure here! From the smallest of mice to the biggest of wolves! We do not accept any type of hate, bullying or... Community
UltraVideoDX We are a sentient movie theater dedicated to providing the best (and sometimes the worst) in anime, movies, and other series to our viewers. New, old, obscure... Anime
Delusional Hey! Listen! Welcome to our server. This place consists mainly of gaming, anime, fandoms, artists, writers, and almost everything that you could think of... Community
Yolo swager club Walcom to de yolo swager club where u can meet people look at memez spam (in the spam channle) and be freking dank if you join drink sum bleach. Community
The wallist A fun and entertaining community. You can share your thought, opinions and feel free to chat and interact with new positive people. Our server consists... Community
The Nerd Herd The Nerd Herd is exactly as it's stated. It's a place to discuss gaming, tech, and anime. It doesn't matter if you're part of the PC Master Race, you love... Community
MemeLand (Helper apps r on go apply now)Where memes are born! Here you can find Tournaments, Events And Giveaways and a memestar called ODS! Also added... Meme
High Rollers HQ We are the #1 Sports discord server dedicated to all Major League Sports And Sports Betting ! :moneybag: To Place Bets Check out betting_sites and Sign up... Sports
MysticNation's YouTube Discord We are a small family of YouTubers, staff, and fans hoping to grow into a huge community of amazing YouTubers, staff, and fans! Youtube/Steam
ANDi: Discover Great New Games ANDi is dedicated to mobile game development and gaming. We've already got an active community of; GameDevs, Indiedevs, Streamers, Press, PR, Podcast Hosts... Gaming
Zaegrusta Empire Enjoy hanging out with ransoms, meeting new people, discover people with your similarities and roleplaying sometimes? Zaegrusta Empire is a perfect place... Community
Community Chat We have everything (gaming, tv shows, anime, music and more) we have a fully working music system with a economic system our server is generally new so help us... Community
Everything Nintendo We're a Nintendo related server and talk about anything nintendo! games, leaks, directs, hopes, friendcode share, tourney's, contests and more! keep yourself... Community
Stuff Just a place full of stuff and things. Community
The Wild This is a gaming and a joking around server. We have players from Xbox Playstation and PC. We also do role-play. That and we have mini games overnight... Community
Splatoon 2 Community Server The goal of this server is to allow people playing (in team or alone) in Splatoon 2 to meet, and fight between teams. All in a quiet atmosphere ! Community
The Everything community a new community that wants to grow up and wants members texting/chatting on it please join and help this community grow up we just need the members chatting... Community
Inkopolis RP Welcome To Inkopolis! The Place Where You Can RP With Friends, And Celebrate Splatfests! Roleplay
Rock Bottom Nice server with a lot of people. We are all friendly and love meeting new people. We have gaming, anime, music, role-play, therapy chat and more. Community
Antevorta This is a Mature server 18+ is recommended, but it is censored enough for 15+ Antevorta is a roleplay, school/economy server. With lots of options. + it's fantasy related! Roleplay
The Crouwd Welcome to The Crouwd! A small server made my JustSomebody! The Crouwd was a revival for his old server, called Chatland. Chatland was sadly raided and destroyed... Community
Dragon Kingdom Dragon Kingdom is a sever about playing video games and chilling with friends or foes. Gaming
WorldGame WorldGame Is A Best Community , The server offers many possibilities... Making new friends... playing together... Starting a new adventure... This Server We Talk About... Community
Total Pro Gamers Hi! We are Total Pro Gamers and we want you to be apart of our fun server Leader: The Owl Co-Leader: The Warper We have a leveling system, soon a gambling system... Gaming
WIzard's Kingdom Professional Organized Gaming Server Welcome to the 【HUN】⫷ ᗯᎥƵᗩᖇᗪ'ᔕ ҜᎥᑎǤᗪỖᗰ™ ⫸ 〘ᗯ〙 server! The server's availability: >> << There... Gaming
Furry Something Would you like a cookie? Have some here at the club, where all floofs and humans live peacefully. It is a mellow, fun place we'd love for ya to be a part of! Community
Dragon Ball Genisis A small server for now.It is a roblox game for discord but the game is being made as we speak.Its in need of members and we are going to grow faster once more members... Gaming
The Role-Play Community Basically a role-play community with events and fun activites that everyone within the group can participate in. We have contest where you can win gift cards, Karoke night... Community
Otaku Palace Otaku palace is a wonderful community, looking to grow a bit. We're basically interested in everything anime,Pretty active chat for a small community. Why not join? Anime
LGBT / SAGA We're a loving and caring LGBT+ community! Come join and meet some new people, all are welcome. Community
Random Gaming Just a small community of gamers looking for active members, however your free to talk about anything. Games include the following : Garrys Mod , Team Fortress 2... Community
The Online Multiplayer Universe We are a Discord Server dedicated to bringing you to the communities YOU want to be apart of! We cover all Genres, Games, and communities for you to join! Community
Army Of People A fun chill friendly loving community of people that love to hang out, participate in events such as karaoke and watching movies and jsut have a great. Community
Fishy Business A community server where you can hang out, listen to music, use bots, talk about your favorite game, and more! Community
Be Be JOE A community server for everyone!! Community
Anteiku Anteiku is an anime themed, friendly server to hang out and chat in! We are a very chill community, trying to keep the server cozy. Everyone is welcome to join ♡ Anime
Remnants of Cancer A group chat for people looking for anyone to chat with. WE host events every Tuesday and Saturday. Community
Artmêijutsu We are a community or artists. Everyone in the server is as important as the owner so the server has a democracy organization. We accept writers, singers... Art
The Alleyway Hello! The Alleyway is an interesting place. We have competitions and events running from day in and day out. Our current project is a Beauty Pageant and we have many... Community
Advertise Your Server Advertise Your Server is the #1 Discord Server, to advertise yours! Our #1 priority is to help make your server popular! Whether you're recruiting new members, or just forming... Community
Moorz Community A gaming discord community. We play games like Minecraft, to CSGO, to COD, GMOD and much more inbetween. Join up to play with youtuber(s). Gaming
Disney Roleplay We are just a small but growing Server where we Roleplay Disney, but we are mostly a Beauty and the Beast Roleplay Server. Other Disney Films are welcomed... Roleplay
Miles' Basement Sup I'm Miles. I created my discord called Miles' Basement. It's pretty much more of a club when I recruit the boys who wanted to chat with us. I got the casino games online... Community
All Around Gaming All Around Gaming, It's a welcoming and active community for people with different hobbies and interests. We are still fairly a small gaming community over 70+... Gaming
Select+Start I wanna invite you to my Discord server. This server is to meet people, talk about games, social, discuss about stuff, and more! I feel like you would make... Gaming
Sylex A 100% friendly and SFW community server dedicated to allowing people to chill out, talk, share WIPs and projects, and collaborate! Come join our community and have fun! Community
Gamers ITA Community 100% italiana di giocatori/giocatrici dove puoi parlare , giocare e divertirti insieme ad altri giocatori come te! Se ti va unisciti e invita anche i tuoi amici Gaming
Music Nation This is a server we you can come ,chill out , jam, and inspire with other user sin the musical world. Vocalists, Mixers, Songwriters, and Instrumentalists welcome!!! Music
Esper Society Esper Society is a multi-gaming community made by two friends who just want to bring chill people in to play games with. We are a harassment free community... Community
CrackingZone --- Programming
Youtube Shoutout Group Hello Everyone! If You Or anyone You Know is a Content Creator, Either a Youtuber or Streamer Or Just Someone Looking for New Content Creators on the Rise... Community
Candyland A server that is deliciously kinky as its name! We are a BDSM kink community that shows no shame in what we enjoy, even if it's not of the norm, it is a server... NSFW/Adult
Animu A server that has gotten over 400 members in a month. We plan on continuously growing our Anime server and becoming one of the fastest growing servers out there... Anime
My Chemical Piløts at the Disco with Fall Out Boys™ In this crazy server there are many people that talk about random shit and stuff. Feel free to join and talk about whatever you wish, as long as you respect the rules... Community
IFTTT Use the website IFTTT? Come here for help, discussion, reviews, guides, and more! We have a friendly atmosphere, are Discord partnered, and have IFTTT employees... Community
SFG Community SFG Community is a community and general server, we allow almost anything to be discussed in all different text and voice channels (within rules). It's a welcoming... Community
World of Jam A server where we host daily events across song, games, and other jamming stuff! Events range from singing events mostly every day of the week to game... Music
Hall of Servers Hall of Servers is a listings community server looking to help other servers grow faster and better! Invite
Le Pays des Mots Le Pays des mots est un jeune serveur français dédié à la littérature. Il est encore petit mais nous espérons qu'il grandira ! Le Pays des mots (The Land of words) is a young... Art
Tetris Arena Community Server Welcome to TACS, a straightforward and simple server where anyone is welcome, even those who don't actively play. Come join and meet people in the lounge, or... Community
orbt gaming Hey everyone, make sure you check out my friend's server! It is a very active and chill community, with over 150 members. The theme of the server is medieval, which... Community
Konngara's Touhou Club Do you like bullet hell games? Do you like Touhou - or gaming in general? If you answered yes to any of those questions then Konngara's Touhou Club... Gaming
DiscordStop Do you have trouble getting members? Do you wish there was a great server listing? Well, say hello to DiscordStop! DiscordStop is a place for you to advertise... Invite
Mallow RP A Roleplay server dedicated to creating original characters and stories. Supports different styles of roleplaying. Roleplay
Iceberg Lounge (Games and chill) The Iceberg Lounge is a new growing community with friendly people, various discussion topics and open minded mods! We hope you enjoy your stay! Anyone is welcome... Community
Ninja Gaming We are a gaming community looking for people from all around the world! Join now, join up with some other people and have a great time! We also host daily giveaways... Community
Shitpost vs Serious If you could choose to either post seriously for the rest of your life or shitpost, which would you choose? Community
A Helpful Server This server is a nice family-friendly place where you can chill with other people, have fun discussions, play games, or whatever you wish to do. The community discusses... Community
.nebula welcome to .nebula - our friendly little corner of the universe. pull up a chair, make yourself at home - it's safe here. we are a community server hosting events... Community
Females Only Server 。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。 This server is for females only who like to play games, watch videos, listen to music or just chat! There are a variety of channels and more to come so... Community
Date A Live We are a brand new community looking for members to join! We watch anime together, Enjoy gaming with each other and even enjoy talking to each other! Anime
The Church of The Rarest Pepe Welcome to the Church of the Rarest Pepe ! We are a welcoming group of crazy nerds who have an accepting fan based community. Be Prepared for an interesting chats, tons... Meme
Dragon Ramblers Inn a fun community that talks about games, anime and more! we hold game tournaments sometimes grab a drink and come have a good time with us! Community
The Gaming & Anime World A server with bots (music, games, slots, quotes, waifus, etc.) where you can talk about anything you want anytime you want. With events (loli gamus, steam key... Anime
S4 Come one and all, and be apart of S4 (squad)! Perfect for newbies in the Discord and Gaming world! LGBT friendly! No one below 15 years old! Community
Asphyxiation Asphyxiation is a fairly new server and is mainly about memes. We have a few channels and are open to any suggestions about any new ones. Obtaining roles are fairly easy... Meme
Shadow Security Operation pedohunt. We hunt pedophiles, and work on spreading internet security. We are an active pedo hunter group. No skills required. We hold classes ... Community
TeamNutProductions Welcome to the Team Nut Productions Developer group! The Team nut Productions is a group made for Developers in the Roblox Community to get together and build... Programming
Find A Mate Find your love and many friends here. Dating
GameChurch A place for Christian (and non-Christian) gamers to have fellowship. Gaming
Battlenet Hideout Battlenet Hideout is the perfect gaming discord server for gamers that play battlenet games such as Diablo,Starcraft,WoW,HotS,Hearthstone and... Community
TPC-The Parrot Community WIP Welocme to TPC WIP - The Parrot Community where you cant host your games at our text channels also you could advertise your group and thats what... Community
Kuro Usagi This server is a small one, but we hope it can grow and be full of chill people. We have tons of channels, and other cool stuff... Community
Bloodbath and Beyond Brand New Public gaming Discord LOOKING FOR MEMBERS Bloodbath and Beyond is a gaming community looking to meet other people, play with other gamers... Gaming
HU2DZ If you like Hardstyle or something in that direction you are welcome to join :) Music
A.R.T A Server for all kinds of Artist. We are a community for Music, Art, Dance, Acting, and Fun! Art
=JUX= Jux is a community for all ages, we love to see new faces and make it grow we have many channels to see on what you prefer, we are fairly small sadly... Community
The Seven Deadly Sin This is a fun and CLAN-BASED interactive server, We have many bots and we also create some to provide the needs of many. In The Seven Deadly Sins we engage... Community
Nova - Anime & Gaming We are a friendly, small discord server that loves to discuss anime and play games. We like to play games like: CSGO, Overwatch, LoL, Minecraft... Gaming
[4CHAN] A fair sized clan for .io games! Clan
Social Boosters A place for people to buy real youtube subscribers, likes and way more ! find new friends ! and have fun ! :p Community
Music Station A place where you can chill with your friends or listen to music through our outstanding bots! Community
PornLand NSFW, Own nudes, Hentai, Porn & Chill! Your new home wink, See you there? NSFW/Adult
Otaku Den - Anime & Gaming An accepting community for Otakus, Neets, and Gamers alike to have fun, Make friends and chat together! Community
MusicForAll(MFA) Talk about music,anime,games and more here(the owner is a cool guy dont worry. Music
OppaiHaven 18+ community for sharing porn and hentai, playing games and posting memes. NSFW/Adult
TheChillZone This is a place for everyone to take a chill pill, sit down and chillax. There is a place/role for everyone.(We Are A Small Server... Community
Central Of Gaming It's an Server for gamers, who you can find friends or someone to team up with or just talk with somebody. Community
Brel's Hangout a smol comfy server that aims to create a small little community. We game, watch anime and have chill and serious conversations from time to time... Community
The Cantina Its a server that allows people to talk and mess around and a Roleplaying Cantina. Community
TCM2k Just a server for people to come hang out, share memes, or pretty much anything else. Other
Dreams | PG 13+ Hello! We are a small, friendly, discord community. You can come here and chill out if you want some place to go! <3 We don't bite. Community
Spirit Bros A small server of a few people that like to play a whole range of games together at night. Gaming
Roleplay Wonderland A server for chatting, roleplaying, and as it grows much more! Suggest roleplays and they'll be added! Roleplay
Sport Central Sport Central is about anything and everything related to real sports that humans play which involves some kind of physical exertion. There are a multitude... Sports
TTaS/MP/Unholy Book Dev Team The TTaS/MP/Unholy Book Dev Team is a...well, book development team. We're seeking artists, advertisers, and designers. No writers are wanted... Art
Cafe Furre A new furry community and furry artist community. Come meet like minded individuals, share art, and chat. Community
Opium Pulses Opium Pulses is an officially partnered Discord Server for gamers seeking their new online family. We're a laid... Gaming
Discordius Center Discordius Center is a advertisement server, kind of like DiscordPortal, but different. :P We also have a custom bot... invite
Truth Seekers Official The news of today is far too off and not always accurate. Sometimes they over exaggerate on things... Education
Super Mario A server for discussion of anything Mario, or just to hang out with other Mario fans and tell each other... Gaming
Immortals An awesome server to chat with other gamers! Gaming
Redwood Jungle Community™ We are a community server of tight users, yes we are LIT. - Music/Community - LIT ASS USERS - Profane... Community
Discord Gateway If your looking for a place to advertise your discord server you've come to the right place! We have many... Invite
Cafe 13 Community
ghast's hangout/gaming come join my server where i hangout/play games with eachother (hopefully soon there will be a minecraft modpack and... Community
Rust Luvs chocolate Share or dump your memes collection here Or just chat and meet new friend. Meme
Tokyo Ghoul 24th Ward Tokyo Ghoul Discord Server A server dedicated to the Manga Tokyo Ghoul and :re Server dedicated to the fans of Sui Ishida's manga series... Anime
Maid Cáfe and Bar Welcome to the Fabulous Maid Cafe and Bar! We are a growing community where you can roleplay, chill and hang with people... Community
DiscordD8 Your #1 in dates, relationships, meeting new people and making friends! Community
Crackerz & Dat A random server i decided to make. I want the server to have a fair amount of people in. You can talk about anything in... Other
Die TKM Discord Are you a creator? Well, come over here and you can advertise your videos for free! Youtube/Steam
Impulse Studios A Minecraft Animation Studios Community This Is Our Discord Server Chat And Talk To Our Animators. Community
Discord Servers Portal A Fast-growing community with A-Z categories where you can advertise your very own discord servers. Join us and post your server invite... Invite
♬♫♪Hang Over♪♫♬ ™ A friendly community based on Gamers and 24/7 Music lovers. We play games like Minecraft, CSGO, League of legends, Roblox... Music/Gaming
Pixel's Ad Server Just a place for nonstop ads. Server listings and... Invite
Art Media And Entertainment AMAE is a server that started up a year ago, but was ruined by a player. I have decided to restart my old server... Art
Games/Anime/Chat&more Want a fun place to come and chat about new/old games? anime? you can use the many discord bots or even earn... Art
Eugaea Hey there, wanderer. In your travels through dark places to brighter ones far beyond, have you looked upon the night's... Community
Pixelors Network Pixelors is both a gaming community and a Minecraft server network which has some of the most friendly and welcoming community... Gaming
WisamPlayz And More (Official) It's a gaming server for my friends and fans Gaming
Da Squad A server you can hang out with friends, use entertainment bots, listen to music and earn roles! Gaming
ChattyFTW This is a discord server where u can keep chatting with friends. U r allowed to chat anything and we have some awesome bots and currently this server is made... Community
Cobalt Squad Just a fun little server for our group channel, Cobalt Squad, to advertise our videos! Youtube/Steam

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Largest Discord Advertising/promoting/listing Server that now also offer: Selfies, Polls, Anime, Memes, Giveaways, Politics, Entertainment/Fun Bots, Server categories to advertise your server in, Promotable roles, Friendly Staff members + More
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Promote & Advertise your Youtube Channels, Videos, Facebook Pages, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, Skype, Google+, Facebook Profiles, Facebook Groups, Twitter and many other social media platforms. Also offers Giveaways, Anime, Memes + More
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The Language Zone™

An educational community where everyone from any culture/race/beliefs is welcome. Hangout with people from different culture. Learn, Practice & Master new or your desired language. Meet foreign people and make new friends from all over the world. Also offers: 150+ Self-Assignable Roles - Nationality, Continent & Language based roles - Different channels for different languages - Selfies - Word of the day - Memes - Fun Bots - Friendly Staff members and much more. Member Count: 130+
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