Name: Undisney

Description: NSFW ERP Immersive Experience Heroes/ Villains Will be adding music and memes Intro: This is not the Disney you grew up with. In fact, this couldn’t be farther from your adolescent-self’s favorite movie and channel series. Your favorite fairytale princess is not who Walt portrayed her to be, and let’s just say the villains are infinitely more messed up than the cartoon or live action version. This is 2018, and you bet the lifestyles of the rich, famous, and perpetually screwed up caught up to our childhood heroes and heroines. Your character is not meant to be perfect. He or she is meant to be flawed and humane, capable of a full spectrum of emotion. He or she is meant to have a journey, intended to struggle, fail, and then rise again to the occasion. Let’s see what your character is made of in Undisney! Please don't get discouraged on the number of people. This server was freshly created and is anticipated in tripling in size. Now is the time to claim your character and join in the fun!

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Category: Roleplay

Owner: Unicornsandleather#0304

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